Lose weight. Tone muscles. Get into the best shape of your life. Gain a body you will be proud of. GUARANTEED!

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Have you joined gyms before with the best of intentions only to lose your initial enthusiasm and not reach your goals because of the lack of education, motivation or support provided to you?

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Have you attempted various nutritional strategies that had you eating plain tasteless food, were impossible to maintain and provided no positive long term results?

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Do you feel exhausted all the time because you are not quite sure how you should be eating or exercising in order to maximise energy levels?

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I know I have certainly experienced all of the above, as I imagine you might have also. Hopefully I can ensure that you never have to again…

Womens Ultimate Body Transformation Program!

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I understand how overwhelming it can be to start a new exercise program. Walking into a new gym with loads of people around, not knowing what equipment to use or how to use it can be daunting and could easily deter you from persisting and reaching your fitness goals.

There are so many fad diets that are so extreme they are impossible to maintain. They may lead to short term weight loss but usually it comes straight back on due to their unsustainable nature.

Maybe you’re just looking for a generally healthy diet when attempting to lose weight but there is still so much conflicting information out there it is nearly impossible to know what dietary guidelines you should follow.

I have spent the last decade learning and mastering the best nutrition & training methods to implement to help women achieve... 

  • Consistent, sustainable weight loss
  • Elevated metabolism to guarantee you keep the weight off permanently                       
  • A trim and toned figure you will be proud of
  • Optimal strength and fitness in the gym
  • Enhanced daily energy levels and peak health
  • Confidence 🙂

    So, in order to ensure you experience all of the above and more, I have designed my "Womens Ultimate Body Transformation Program” …

    My program implements highly effective, yet easy to follow, nutritional strategies combined with the very best training methods I have spent over 10 years fine tuning. I will provide you with a personable, professional service which prioritises an ENJOYABLE training environment with SUSTAINABLE nutritional guidelines for LONG TERM, PERMANENT FAT LOSS. GUARANTEED!

When I first wanted to go to a personal trainer, I was so nervous of going because I was afraid I would be too big, too unfit and too weak. My first session with Paul, I was instantly comfortable, he was so nice and so encouraging despite me nearly knocking him out with a barbell once or twice!

My initial objective was to increase my fitness and tone up/lose fat. After working with Paul I have achieved this and more. I feel like a different person and I'm happier than I can ever remember being. My mood has dramatically improved, I have way more energy and I'm more positive about everything! I have toned up, changed shape and dropped a few dress sizes. More importantly I actually really enjoy the sessions with Paul. I need to emphasise what a miracle this is considering I have a well known hatred of exercise of any kind!

His workouts are always varied and really enjoyable. He does make them tough and really pushes you but nothing more than is possible. It is really motivating to see the weights you use increase as you get stronger. I wouldn't have been able to do a fraction of what I have done without him teaching and encouraging me.

He is also incredibly knowledgeable and interested in nutrition and goes out of his way to research any topics I show an interest in and he is always willing to help you in any way. I have totally changed my diet since I have met him, I have gone from having no meals and just eating sweets all day to planning three healthy meals a day with snacks. I have now virtually eliminated sugar from my diet and despite a bumpy transitional period, I now no longer crave it any more.

I literally want to encourage everyone to go to see him. It is honestly the best money I have ever spent, a bargain for all the benefits I get from it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!”


Before I started training with Paul I was exercising pretty regularly. Mainly doing just classes. Although I felt fit, I didn't feel like my problem areas were being targeted. I was lacking a bit of motivation and energy and felt like I had hit a bit of a wall. My fear with having a personal trainer has always been that I wouldn't be able for one on one training because there was no where to hide! In a class I could hide in the back and no one would notice if I was not able to keep up! This ended up being one of the biggest benefits of working out with Paul as my trainer. When I feel like I can do no more he is always encouraging me to push myself further and it's a great sense of achievement when I've completed a full work out! I can't believe how much stronger and fitter I feel. It was daunting the first day arriving into the gym and looking around at very fit people but now I feel I've achieved my goals of losing inches and toning up! I'm so proud of what Paul has helped me achieve, I feel slimmer and more toned than I ever have and after having 2 kids I didn't think it could happen! I would highly recommend working out with Paul. You will always walk out of the gym feeling motivated and positive and looking forward to your next session! If you listen to this advice you will see and feel results quickly! It's been one of the best things I've ever done for myself!

Before I did PT I was at an all-time low as I had just gotten engaged and piled on the lbs with all the celebration. I'd changed jobs from an active one to a sedentary one so I was tired, bloated, unfit and had poor sleep and generally felt bad about myself. Before I started working with Paul I was scared of failure in the gym, of being so bad that people would stare! Of being so unfit that I wouldn't be able to work out and of going once and never going back. As it turned out all of my fears were totally unjustified. During my first PT session Paul talked me through the plan. I felt extremely confident in him because he had all the facts to backup how his plan works. The exercises were tough but manageable and Paul helped me understand how the different muscles work and why I was doing what I was doing. Paul has such a high level of knowledge and the right balance of patience and ability to motivate! The first result I began to experience from personal training was how good I began to feel despite initial withdrawal symptoms from sugary foods. I began to get stronger and see changes in how I moved. My body was tighter and I was sleeping well. My clothes were more comfortable and I felt generally well balanced emotionally and physically. As a result of working with Paul my life has improved in every sense. I also had a great laugh with Paul when he wasn’t putting me through my paces and I really enjoyed every aspect of the personal training.

Personal Training Sandyford

My tailored “Ultimate FAT LOSS Transformation Program” utilizes various forms of resistance/fitness training in order to maximize metabolism leading to dramatic changes in body composition. You can expect to lose weight, burn fat and develop lean, toned muscles. The training methods I will guide you through will have your body burning maximal amounts calories both during the workouts and outside of the gym. This can be referred to as a “hyper-metabolism”. Your body will become a fat-burning furnace and you will be in the best shape of your life - fitter and stronger than ever before with a body you can be proud of!

Some of the specific training methods I incorporate are as follows…

Body Composition Training:

Resistance training workouts using the most beneficial exercises proven to maximally elevate metabolism, tone muscles and burn body fat. These workouts will have your muscles burning and your heart pumping hard! This is the gold standard of Fat Loss training and is the primary method we will use together on your Fat Loss journey.

Strength Training:

Your body will have a great reason to develop lean muscles by lifting heavy weights. Contrary to the general conception by many women, lifting heavy weights will not lead to putting on masses of bulky muscles but will instead result in lean, toned muscles that many women desire!

Metabolic Conditioning:

You may have heard of or seen prowlers, battle ropes, kettle bells before? Combining these types of exercise in a circuit style format is an excellent way to get your heart pumping and your body incinerating fat!

H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training):

Short bursts of maximal effort cardiovascular exercise followed by much longer rest periods to recover. One of the least time consuming, yet most beneficial ways, to burn body fat, tone muscles and increase fitness.


Slightly lower intensity than H.I.I.T but with a longer duration. A one – two minute sprint on a rower is a prime example. This is an extremely powerful FAT LOSS, Muscle toning protocol. Also results in dramatically increased fitness levels.


I know from experience with many clients that my “Ultimate FAT LOSS Transformation Program” is one of the most effective ways to dramatically lose weight and improve body composition. I am so confident in my program that if you are not satisfied with the results you get I will issue you a complete refund. What have you got to lose?

If you want Permanent FAT LOSS in a Personable Training Environment that offers all the Guidance, Motivation and Support you need than get in touch now, either by Contacting Me Directly on 086 055 0452
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